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Games Submitted
MARUTHI by ospreysoft
The concept of this game is to make the Maruthi throw the bananas exactly in to the barrels without missing it.
BET ON by ospreysoft
The game concept is to bet against the computer in busting the ghosts. The player need to enter the number between 0 to 9 such that if the number entered by the player and the number of ghosts busted are equal then the player won the bet, otherwise he lose the bet.
BRAIN @ BLINK by ospreysoft
Type the 5 digit number in text box by guessing the correct numbers. There are 3 color variations Red – wrong, Blue – Nearby, Green – Correct. So using the green color number arrange all the numbers. You have only 5 chances. Game end when time up or number is guessed in correct.
BIKY SPIKY by ospreysoft
In this game player drive the bike and escape form the cars, he has only 3 lives. Use left/right arrow keys for move the bike left/right. If player lives are over game will be end.
TYRES IN GRAND by ospreysoft
The game has 3 levels, To cross each level player must be win in 1 to 3rd any place then he go to next level. Use up arrow to increasing bike accelerating. Left/right arrows are moving the bike left/right. Collect red cans on your way for extra fuel. If fuel is over game will be end. Avoid clashing with rival bikes, to prevent damages to your bike. Game end if player win in 4th place or fuel over.
KIDDI GUN by ospreysoft
Player must be escape from bullets and survive his life. For player movements use left/right arrows, for jumping use space . Player wins the game, when fire bullets count is zero and his power count is more the 1%.
100METERS DASH by ospreysoft
Aim is to win the race
SHOOT OUT by ospreysoft
Aim of the game is to score more by killing rabbit with in time limit.
BIRD IN HAND by ospreysoft
Aim the birds using target.
AIM TRANING by ospreysoft
Aim of the game is to shoot the red mark as many times as possible and score more before the ammo gets finished.
RESCUE ROBO by ospreysoft
Robo aim is to collect the doll in game.
SEA FOOD by ospreysoft
Aim of the game is to score more points by eating small fish’s
BEE TROUBLE by ospreysoft
Aim is to survive for as much time as possible
AQUARIUM FISH by ospreysoft
Aim of the game is to increase our fish size escaping from the enemy fish.
Cross path by ospreysoft
this game has 10 levels. Each level has a starting point and the ending point. First starting point is displayed. When the player places his mouse on that points, then the end point and the path is visible. Each path has obstacles. The player loses the game either by touching the obstacles or by touching the edges of the path. When the player reaches the end point without touching the edges or obstacles, level is progressed.
BEAINE IN RIVER by ospreysoft
In this game player drive the boat and collect the fishes with the help of left/right arrow for steering and space to jump from obstacles. Beware with obstacle they decrease your health. Game end when player health is over.
BaboonDuel by ospreysoft
Make the baboon to catch as many fruits as possible without make them fall down. If the baboon catches the fruits the score will increase and at the same time levels also increases. If the baboon falls more than two times the game is end.
Monalisa’sDefense by ospreysoft
The player should protect the Monalisa paintings from the thieves by fighting with them. Use arrow keys and keys “A”,”S” to attack the thieves. Game ends when you lose the strength.

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